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Car Accident Injury Treatment at Chatham Chiropractic

If you've been in a car accident, you may be in the company of some 2.35 million individuals injured or disabled each year by such incidents. A car accident injury can drastically reduce your functionality, comfort, and ability to go about your daily life. Even injuries that show no symptoms at first can progress into painful chronic conditions. That's why it pays to schedule the earliest possible evaluation and treatment here at Chatham Chiropractic.

Womanw ith neck pain after a car accident.

From Whiplash to Sciatica: How a Car Accident Injury Affects the Body

It should come as no surprise that a car accident can damage a vehicle occupant from head to toe. You may also sustain injuries to various parts of the spinal column, which in turn can relay pain and other symptoms to other areas of the body. a whiplash injury is a case in point. This auto accident injury is the result of the head flying back and forth beyond what the neck can handle, which can happen even in a slow-motion impact. The resulting vertebral dislocation and muscle damage cause localized pain and stiffness, while herniated cervical discs and nerve impingement cause neurological symptoms in the arms and hands. 

A similar problem can occur in the lower spine. A sufficient jolt to the lumbar vertebrae can throw them out of alignment, allowing discs and other structures to pinch the sciatic nerve roots. This causes back pain and leg pain, as well as tingling, numbness or weakness in the affected leg. The middle portion of the spine can also become injured if your body twists violently beneath its safety harness.

Our Chatham Car Accident Chiropractor Can Put You on the Road to Recovery

The damage done by an auto accident may or may not be evident to you right away due to shock. Don't let your symptoms be your guide; always seek a chiropractic evaluation immediately to make sure you're not letting that damage get worse without your knowledge. Our Chatham car accident chiropractor, Dr. Taylor, uses sophisticated diagnostic methods to spot even the smallest signs of a potentially-serious whiplash injury or another issue.

You're in good hands when it comes to auto injury treatment at Chatham Chiropractic. We use non-surgical, drug-free techniques such as chiropractic adjustment to bring your body back into alignment and alleviate neurological problems. Massage therapy and physical therapy can help you heal your damaged muscles and experience safe, effective pain relief. 

Call Our Clinic for an Evaluation

Our car accident chiropractor offers the option of immediate care for acute injuries. But even if you're not hurting (yet), make sure you call 217-483-1551 for an evaluation!

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